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one nation one ration card

This post is about the One Nation One Ration Card.

If you remember the last year 2020 around 25th or 26th march, the first lockdown in the country was announced.

It was the migrant workers who were badly affected in Hindi we call them Pravasi.

Due to lockdown, all modes of interstate and intra-state transportation were closed.

With no food and money left thousands of migrant workers across India were seen walking and sitting on highways.

One thing that came into the limelight was that there were no proper arrangements of Rations for the migrant workers. Of course, there were some states that provided free rations however in general, there were no proper arrangements.

And the reason behind that was due to the fact that if you have a ration card you could only get your ration from your permanent place of residence but if you work in some other state that is where the whole problem started.

Too many migrant workers did not have access to the government ration.

It is from this problem the government of India has come up with the idea of an ON-ORc card.

What is a One Nation One Ration card?

one nation one ratiion card IMPDS 
Integrated Management of Public Distribution System 2021

Following the National Food Security Act, 2013, about 81 crore persons are allowed to get subsidized food grain.

Currently, around 23 crore ration cards have been distributed to approximately 80 crore beneficiaries of NFSA.

In the existing system, a cardholder can buy food grains from an FPS that has been allocated to his/her in the locality.

However, this will improve once the One Nation, One Ration Card system enhances operational nationality.

Assume a beneficiary lives in the districts of Noida in Uttar Pradesh and migrates to Gujarat for work.

Currently, he/she is no longer capable to buy subsidized food grains from a PDS shop in his/her location in Mumbai.

But, following the ”ONORc”, the beneficiary will be capable to get subsidized food grains from any FPS crosswise the country.

“One Nation, One Ration Card” is aimed at giving intra-state as well as inter-state portability of ration cards.

Integrated Management Of Public Distribution System (IMPDS) portal gives the technological platform for the inter-state portability of ration cards.

Following the scheme, the seeding of ration cards with Aadhar is being done.

Together, PoS machines are being installed at all FPSs across the country. Once 100% of Aadhar seeding and 100% installation of PoS.

Name of schemeOne Nation, One Ration Card
The year2020
Total states32
PurposeNation-wise portability of Ration cardholders
Announced ByLate Shree Ram Vilas Paswan
Date of inaugurationAugust 2019
ONORc1st June 2020

How does ONORc work?

one nation one ration card sceme 2021 work process

So that the beneficiary can claim ration anywhere in the country and obviously, it is going to benefit especially the migrant workers and family members.

The implementation of the scheme comes under the department of food and public distribution.

And of course, the government is going to take the help of technology with the help of electronic point of sales device distribution of ration anywhere in the country is going to be easy.

For example, when you arrive at the ration shop with your Smart Ration Card your data from the Aadhar Card will be linked and stored in a chip on the smart ration card.

The ration shop will have an electronic point of sale device biometrics of the cardholder will be matched with the data stored in a chip on the smart ration card.

It will prevent any fraudulent transfer of food grains so far 86% of beneficiaries have been covered across 28 states and union territories.

Benefits Of ONORc

  • Following the national addition of the scheme, the double and fake Ration Cards will be quickly cleared out.
  • It allows people to buy Ration from any ration store crosswise the state.
  • One main advantage of the scheme will be avail by the workers who are migrated to another place in search of more reliable earnings or job.

The main purpose of ONORc.

  • To help the migrants to locate the PDS over the nation from any Ration Shop of their own choice.
  • For guaranteeing no migrants are refused food due to inaccessibility of food grain from PDS shop.
  • To decrease the beneficiaries’ dependence on Shop Owners and decrease cases of corruption.
  • To eliminate the possibility of anyone holding more than one Ration Card to avail profits from many states.

The features of ONORc

Should a look at the important point of the ONORC Scheme:

  • ONORc is a Central Government initiative started by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution in the period of January 2020.
  • Late Ram Vilas Paswan inaugurated it to verify portability in two associations of states, i.e., Gujarat & Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, and now gradually 32 states have approved the scheme.
  • It is being executed in the entire country from 31st July 2021
  • The Main of the scheme is to give food security advantages at affordable costs to the beneficiaries without any trouble.
  • This scheme will provide ration cardholders to avail quota groceries at subsidized rates from any FPS shop which is e-Pos licensed from any part of the nation.
  • The One Nation One Ration Card IMPDS online portal will serve to manage all the data of PDS systems crosswise the state on a single platform.

As per a recent tweet from the management, Migrants will be capable to buy rations from any PDS of the country by March 2021.

The administration also says that 69 crores people of 32 states having 86% PDS people has treated following the scheme by January 2021 and by March 2021, 100% coverage target.

For the implementation, a Point Of Sale tool has established at each FPS shop. And also for efficiency, the IMPDS portal will manage the functions.

Following this ‘One Nation One Ration card’ scheme the ration card of the receiver will establish in order to get the advantage of the scheme without any difficulty.

one nation one ration card website

national food security act official website

The official website of the one nation one ration card is NFSA. Department of Food and Public Distribution Government of India manages the NFSA official website.

This website contains all kinds of information for Ration Cardholder and for Ration Distributers.

And the website also stores data of all POS, FPS, Beneficiaries, and Ration Card.

The website provides much information such as Online Grievance, Know your Grievance, and Helpline Number.

These some more information are Open Source to publically by the government for transparency.

  • Fair Price Shops dashboards
  • Total FPSs and Operational e-PoS
  • Ration Card dashboard
  • State Wise Ration Card dashboards
  • Allocation and Supply Chain
  • Food Storage Capacity and more

You can download the My Ration App or Mera Ration App so that you can easily get all information about your ration card status, apply for an online grievance and helpline number on your handset.

one nation one ration card scheme online apply

online apply for One Nation One Ration Card

You can apply for ONORCs online from the official website and My Ration Card. The process will be the same.

Here we will see how to apply for Online Grievance through the website.

So carefully follow the below steps.

  • First, go on NFSA official website.
  • Scroll Down.
  • At down, there will be three options;
  • Helpline Telephone Nos
  • Online Grievance
  • Know Your Grievance Status
  • Now, you have to click on Online Grievance.
  • Wait for a while, there will see a document box.
  • Carefully read all documents requirements.
  • Fill as necessary.

And you can complete with your Online Grievance.

After registration for over 30 to 45 days, the government will check and accept your grievance for ONORCs.

And now you can check your Grievance Status. For checking the status, do follow the next title.

Check Online ONORCs status.

check online status for one nation one ration card

If you want to know your Ration Card status regarding how many times you had held the ration, from which FPS and which time, by whom, and many more.

And also you can easily get it all from your My Ration Card application and NFSA’s official website.

If you don’t know how to check my status you can follow these below-shown steps.

  1. Go on NFSAofficial website
  2. Scroll at bottom very right side see three options
  3. Click on Know Your Grievance Status

Word Explained

interstate: Walking between at least two separate states.

intra-state: moving to different cities and districts inside a state.

POS– A point of sale or POS is a spot where a consumer makes the payment for goods and where sales taxes may become payable.

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